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Pilot signatures on pirep tab
Hi Jeff, 

My host has done an update a week ago and since then the pilot image is no longer being displayed in the program, what does this depend on and i can get them to switch it back on as i have tried a couple of things but i cant get it to display either.

Does the badge/signature display correctly via phpVMS at .../index.php/profile/badge ?

[Image: FAW_small.jpg]
The signature url is created in the kACARSII module

about line 602

PHP Code:
$params->signature fileurl(SIGNATURE_PATH '/' $params->pilotcode '.png'); 
[Image: fsproducts_xsmall.png]
Yes it displays correctly when called with the url. Ill dig further, thanks Jeff.

Everything is in order as it should be but it just stopped displaying after a server update by the host so its something their end but im not sure what yet.
Perhaps it is the fileurl? Or the signature path?

fileurl set in core/
PHP Code:
function fileurl($path) {
   $url SITE_URL

SIGNATURE_PATH set in core/app.config.php or core/local.config.php
PHP Code:

PHP Code:
$pilotcode 'AAA0001'// Change to an actual ID
echo fileurl(SIGNATURE_PATH '/' $pilotcode '.png'); 

Can you echo out that line on your server and see what you get?
[Image: fsproducts_xsmall.png]
Have done that and get the following,

So it is working as it should, because that url is valid, could it be because of https?

Yes it was, i changed the url in the local config for testing back to http and its working.
My next release will have a better connection with a https site. It has been tested for a couple of weeks and I have not heard of any issues so far with a https site. Sometime after the new year.
[Image: fsproducts_xsmall.png]
Thats great thanks Jeff.

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