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Mid air Refueling
Hi, Can anyone help me, everytime I fly 747 400 or 747 8i on a long flight, where I have fuel in centre tanks, when I empty the centre tanks and I switch off the tanks I get " Mid air refueling", I use KAcars for my flights, is this a glitch in the program, please help me.
Are you using kACARSII or kACARS_Free? Your previous post referenced kACARS_Free.

Is this issue with a freeware or payware aircraft? Which exact aircraft?

[Image: FAW_small.jpg]
Hi, it is a payware PMDG 747- 400 and PMDG 747-8i, the acars is (all I could find at the moment) WeGo Custom made flight tracker. WeGoACARS Version, hope this will help.
I moved this to the proper forum.

Sounds like the aircraft is reporting a higher fuel level at some point triggering the mid air refuel. kACARS watching the fuel level and scans about every second. If the level of the fuel is greater than the last scan (with a buffer) it triggers the Mid Air Refuel.
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