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FSUIPC Connection Error 12
This message shows each time I try to connect to the FS.

EVERYTHING has been installed as Administrator.  Using Windows 10,

Thoughts would be appreciated!

Scott Clawson
Are you running the exe as admin? Try uninstall and reinstall but change the path to something outside of the programs file. Also be sure that FSUIPC is current.
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Yes, I run all as Admin and I never install in the Program Folder or the Program (86) folder. Each has their own folder. I aqm also using the current FSUIPC.

I can log into my site and also call up the selected flight but it will not connect to FS!
If everything is running using admin rights then it should connect. Maybe you have an antivirus or something else that is blocking the connection. There is not much more that I can do because it sounds like it should be connecting.
[Image: fsproducts_xsmall.png]

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