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Pirep page
Hi Jeff,

A couple of pilots have reported that the fuel is reporting incorrectly on the pirep page but on the aircraft page its working as it should, when you get a chance can you have a look please.

Pilots comments,
Quote:I have just flown from EGCC to GCTS and I started with 14.3t of fuel.
At the end of the flight I had 3.7t remaining.
BlueSky however said that I had used 13.4t but this cannot be true, it must have been 10.6t.
For clarification please see attached image.

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I looked through a bunch on pireps and saw a few with fuel issues. Most are with Payware A/C. I am not what exactly is happening here. The way that kACARSII calculates the fuel used is that it polls as follows.

Initial Start - get the fuel on board and saves it

1. Looks at current FOB
2. Calculate the difference between last scan and now.
3. Takes difference and adds to fuel used
4. Saves current FOB for next scan.

Perhaps some of the payware move the fuel and the calculation gets confused due to the fuel in each tank being different. It may see that tank 1 is over last scan which it will ignore. But take away the fuel from Tank 2.

Example -
Scan 1
Tank 1 has 100 lbs. Tank 2 has 50 pounds.
Fuel Used = 0 lbs

Scan 2
Tank 1 has 110 lbs. Tank 2 has 35 lbs (10 moved to 1 and 5 burned)
Fuel used = 15 lbs

Can you find out if this is from a payware A/C? I will try and track down the issue. I have to also check the code to see if the above is correct. I do not remember if I am comparing tanks or complete. Either way it maybe due to the way that Payware aircraft move the fuel.

Is the ending fuel correct to the A/C? Can a user check the Fuel Remain in kACARSII and compare to FS.
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